Sunday, 22 April 2012

Friday, 20 April 2012

M&S Salmon Tray Bake

i made this the other day... it was ok maybe 5.5/10 but it was insainly easy... just cut up some veg then wack on salmon steaks and the sauce then oven for half an hourish??? cant really remember.  it was a little bland and the potatoes need to be cut up pretty small - smaller than i did - for them to cook in the assigned time but good to try anyway and healthy i'd say...  i wont be buying this again but the rest of the m and s terribly clever range looks pretty good :)

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

just bought this new lip balm - recommended by Lisa Eldridge - and OMG its sooooooo delicous!  it smells citrusy mixed with brown sugar (to me anyway) -  the website says grapefruit which i kinda get too.  it leaves your lips seriously moisturised and matte looking... its very thick and almost waxy???
definately recommend it... about a tenner online on 7ish euros in france.

shit on my phone

looking back at these pics i don't exactly have the healthiest diet - understatement of the century - & i've decided to change!  when i started uni last summer i basically ate so much shit and drank the same.  i'm off to sweden in summer and then, hopefully, off to aus for a year in october...OMGSOFUCKINGEXCITED.  so i need to be bikini ready!  
ive decided to post little things on here about what i eat/ maybe a weigh in or two arghhhh scary stuff.
anyway better hit the hay as its getting late here and im tired
goodnight anyone


i made this shirt when i was at uni with a friend... i like it