Saturday, 25 September 2010

Recent purchases...

 Cute and very cheaaaaaap earringgs from Primark
 Gorgeous gorgeous hair clips from H&M
 Brogues again from Primark, £12, they look good though
And finally these Boots, they remind me of shoes that young victorian boys would wear...

On a side note I'm sooo sooo excited about the online store openings of H&M and Zara, can't wait to buy some goodies

Monday, 13 September 2010

Cover Copycats

I absolutely love these two covers from Vogue UK and The Sunday Times Culture.

Thursday, 9 September 2010


1. How cute is this -can'tquitedecidewhatanimal- usb stick... The perfect way to add some glamour to the office hehe
2. Katy Perry's nails... no words can describe how much i love these
3. These Sparrow earrings are from Juicy Couture on Asos for £51.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Nars Chihuahua

This is what i would call my PERFECT lipgloss. The colour is what i would call dusty pink with no shimmer/ sparkle - similar to my natural lipcolour, just what i look for in a lipgloss. It is not too sticky and lasts for a pretty long time on me. The only downside is the smell ie, there is none - that awful crayonyplasticine smell you get with unscented products but i can totally live with it.
Soo happy i bought this and will definately be repurchasing!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Lipstick De-Tubing


Okay, so i know this looks kindof  a lot gross but i kindof love it/ am regretting it already... I really shouldn't have left it in direct sunlight but it is just soooo easy to see every colour and discover old faves!  I was inspired by Lisa Eldridge's tutorial showing her lipstick palettes which you can see on youtube.  I just have to wait until i visit London to get Japonesque Palette which is sooo much nicer aka the god of all palettes hehe!!

On another note i ordered a Nars Lipgloss/ Illamasqua foundation which i can't wait to play with.