Friday, 22 October 2010

Utilitarian Chic


My first Polyvore and i think it turned out quite nicely :) - and all for the bargain price of £6215.50

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Wildfox Cuteness

                     I just saw these two Wildfox Jumpers on the new HarveyNicks website and omg i absolutely have to have them! They'll be perfect for lazy sundays and so cosy too for the chilly weather we're having.

Happy Friday everyone


Four Eyes...

So basically this morning my optician told me that i needed to have some glasses for days when i don't wear my contacts and recommended and can i just omg amazing!! The site gives you a week's FREE trial of four frames to wear around the house and then you simply post them back - no strings attached.

The top two are probably the frames I'm going to buy - top by Missoni and middle by Karl Lagerfeldt but i would really love to have the John Lennon frames but don't quite have the face shape, or balls, to pull them off...


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hot Cloth Cleansers

Hot Cloth Cleansers are my absolutely favourite way to remove makeup and give my skin a deap clean with just one product.  Basically what they are is a very thick cream that you apply and massage into your skin and remove with a hot muslin cloth, Simples...

Here's my little comparison of two popular HCCs

Price - £13 for 100ml of Liz Earle with muslin
         - around £11 for 125ml of The Sanctuary (but you can get it for £6 with those money off  vouchers 
            that boots are always handing out) with muslin

Smell - Liz Earle smells herbally and a little medicinally, pleasant though
         - The Sanctuary is also medicinally and herbally but definately not as nice

Texture - Both exactly the same, a very thick and rich cream

Packaging - Liz Earle is simple, clean and mature
                - The Sanctuary's packaging is similar but comes in a gorgeous pistachio green box (which 
                   unfortunately my camera doesn't pick up)  but it's pretty

Performance - Liz Earle removes all my makeup (inc. black mascara) in one go... My skin feels clean and 
                       moisturised - so much so that i don't even apply moisturiser after.  Wonderful
                    - The Sanctuary removes all my makeup and doesn't dry out my skin either.  But wait... ten
                       minutes later my face turns bright red and feels insanely hot!  I pressume i must have had
                       an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients and that NEVER happens to me :(

So i have to say that the Liz Earle is still my favourite - mainly as my face doesnt turn like a tomato after using it but hey i still think that The Sanctuary is a pretty good product and if your on a budget it's definately worth picking up, but for me i'm sticking to Liz...

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cute Japanese Biscuits

- called Hello Panda and filled with chocolate and OMG look at the cute drawings on each mini treat... you don't get detail like that from a tin of biscuits here

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Quick and Delicious Chocolate Cookies...

These Cookies were soo soo easy to make and were made in about 15minutes.  Unfortunately My camera does not pick up how pretty and Christmasy (whoops october) theses cookies really are - i'll have to work on my photography.  The recipe is below and is from The Little Red Barn Baking Book - the recipe only made me seven ( it claims to make 24 ) but i did make mine turbo sized and my brother did eat quite a lot of the raw mixture.
Also i did not add the Cognag and they still turned out moist.

Hope your all having a lovely sunday :)

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Astley Clarke Jewellery

My mummy recently introduced me to and i have been dying to buy some pieces ever since.  It's my 18th Birthday in December and i had been thinking of getting some Alex Monroe Jewellery but after seeing a few pieces in person last week, i was quite unimpressed and found the jewellery a touch dull.  However Astley Clarke Has a free refunds policy and the jewellery is much more my style.  My favourite picks are the Wishbone Charm Bracelet (Top) and the Double Ruby Candy Rings (Left.)  Bring on December 16th...

Monday, 4 October 2010

Mulberry Dupe

Mulberry Alexa Powder Sparkle Tweed

River Island Grey Suede Croc Satchel