Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Hot Cloth Cleansers

Hot Cloth Cleansers are my absolutely favourite way to remove makeup and give my skin a deap clean with just one product.  Basically what they are is a very thick cream that you apply and massage into your skin and remove with a hot muslin cloth, Simples...

Here's my little comparison of two popular HCCs

Price - £13 for 100ml of Liz Earle with muslin
         - around £11 for 125ml of The Sanctuary (but you can get it for £6 with those money off  vouchers 
            that boots are always handing out) with muslin

Smell - Liz Earle smells herbally and a little medicinally, pleasant though
         - The Sanctuary is also medicinally and herbally but definately not as nice

Texture - Both exactly the same, a very thick and rich cream

Packaging - Liz Earle is simple, clean and mature
                - The Sanctuary's packaging is similar but comes in a gorgeous pistachio green box (which 
                   unfortunately my camera doesn't pick up)  but it's pretty

Performance - Liz Earle removes all my makeup (inc. black mascara) in one go... My skin feels clean and 
                       moisturised - so much so that i don't even apply moisturiser after.  Wonderful
                    - The Sanctuary removes all my makeup and doesn't dry out my skin either.  But wait... ten
                       minutes later my face turns bright red and feels insanely hot!  I pressume i must have had
                       an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients and that NEVER happens to me :(

So i have to say that the Liz Earle is still my favourite - mainly as my face doesnt turn like a tomato after using it but hey i still think that The Sanctuary is a pretty good product and if your on a budget it's definately worth picking up, but for me i'm sticking to Liz...

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  1. Oh, great post. I am trying to use up all my cleansers (incl back ups) to start using liz earle. Your post convinces me ! Thanks :)