Sunday, 26 December 2010

Favourite Lip balms

Eight Hour Cream
Similar to Vaseline but more luxurious

Lucas' PaPaw Ointment
An Australian wonder product... Again like Vaseline but lighter and less greasy, although it doesn't last quite as long

Benefit Dr Feelgood
A thick hard lipbalm thats almost invisible on the lips so your hair won't stick to it :)

Body Shop Grapefruit Lip Butter
Smells AMAZING and leaves the prettiest (faint) nudey-sheen on your lips.
 This would be great to take abroad too

Burts Bees Honey/ Original
The original is my personal favourite as it gives the most tingle and makes your lips look almost bee-stung.  The other flavours are less strong in smell and tingle but still very nice... they even have a tinted red one which is lovely


  1. I love to try Body Shop's one. I always like Grapefruit scent, thanks for the post.

  2. The grapefruit one is seriously delicous - its probably more of a summer scent but soo good now too :)