Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Barbz, you lucky B...

Eurgh I've been pretty awful at blogging lately and won't bore you all with the details... back to norm now though (fingers crossed)
Anyway watching gypsy weddings now which is probably why i'm thinking barbie lol
Hope everyone's enjoying January and don't have the blues too badly :)


  1. I have January blues :o(
    Great blog - now following. Thanks for the comment on my Benefit post - are you going to order? Such a bargain, huh?
    Zoe x
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  2. Haha gypsy wedding, the thing that gets me is the little girls! Ugh. Dancing like strippers?!
    Anyway's loving your blog and all the pretty pictures =)xx

  3. I know... and how they spray tan them its soo ridiculous! thanks hun xx