Friday, 29 April 2011

All things British - The Royal Wedding

Hi bloggers
Hope you all had a lovely day (off.)  Did you watch TRW?
I was soo pleased Kate wore Alexander Mcqueen and thought the dress was wonderful although i did think it would be less frilly but still soo beautiful.
   I had the Street Party Ballistic bath bomb from lush last night just to get in the spirit and it was soo nice - full off glitter, confetti and party streamers!

Now we're going to go and get fish and chips just to finish off the day perfectly yumm!
Hope you have a lovely evening staying in or going out to celebrate :)


  1. Fish&Chips! Nothing could be more Bitish hahah

  2. haha i know! a classic delicacy :P

  3. such a stunning day all round. Lee would've been proud of the dress.

    Helen, X