Monday, 9 May 2011


love these wrap-around sherbert watches for spring
i want every colour!
£30  swatch


  1. Wow! How did you find me? Did you know that I used to live in England? So we have a connection... kind of :) You're blog is cute!

  2. i love your outfit... and you look soo beautiful in the first pic!! what eyemakeup are you wearing in it - your eyes look so so blue too :)
    (i've posted your comment above so you would know what I'm talking about (: )

    thank you! and that's so sweet to say! I'll try to explain what eyemakeup I was wearing:
    on my lids I'm wearing a golden eye shadow with a shimmer in it.
    In my crease i put a warm brown colour with a little glitter, i blend that out really well.
    Put the same brown colour under your eyes (outside) a little bit.
    Then highlight your inercorners with a light colour ( I like it when the eyeshadow has some glitter)
    hightlight your brownbone if you want, I never need to because I'm kinda pale.
    Ow and ofcourse a nice cat eyeliner and lots of mascara!

    Pretty simple I do this all the time when I go out, it really works for my eye shape (: the most important thing is that you blend nicely, and it really helps if you use good brushes (mine are from clinic)

    hope you find this helpful,

    ow and my eyes usually look more greenish, but the brown really brings out the blue! so that;s an other tip. If you want more green eyes you should try out pink or purple!

    I love these watches by the way! So colourful! xx hope you visit my blog again sometime!

  3. I love these watches :)